Choose the type of performance that fits your needs

Miraculous Mind Reading Shows:

• Corporate Parties & Meetings

• Award Banquets & Fundraisers

• Holiday Celebrations & Special Events

Jeff and Kimberly present their amazing combination of mind reading and good humor in a 20 to 45 minute show for your entire group. This extraordinary experience is as much fun to watch as it is to participate in, with mind reading stunts both baffling and buzz-worthy. You'll marvel as Kimberly plucks thoughts from the even the most sophisticated minds as easily as if they were grapes on a vine. And imagine watching your guest of honor or CEO join Jeff on stage for a daring Russian Roulette style game in which Kimberly must divine under which cup a sharp spike is hidden before Jeff or the CEO slams their hand down on it! No one knows for certain which cup hides the spike, but somehow, even though she’s blindfolded, Kimberly will direct them to a safe and sensational climax! It's an experience your guests will be buzzing about for months.

The Mind Meld Full Evening Show:

• Theaters & Special Engagements

• As an Opening Act

• Fairs & Fundraisers

This captivating 30 to 75 minute professionally produced theater show is ideal for large audiences and combines Kimberly's amazing intuitive powers with Jeff's impressive wit and comedic skills. Jeff keeps the program moving swiftly as Kimberly uses her disarming southern charm to engage people in a series of stunning predictions and revelations that may cause them to redefine their definition of "impossible." As an opening act, the Bornsteins high-energy, interactive entertainment gets the show off to a great start and always ensures a warm reception for whomever follows.

Strolling Mentalism:

• Red Carpet & Corporate Events

• VIP Events & Cocktail Parties

• Trade Shows & Hospitality Suites

Strolling Mentalism is the perfect entertainment anywhere people gather in small groups. It's an ideal ice breaker for the cocktail hour and facilitates fun and fascinating interactions amongst your guests as Kimberly and Jeff circulate around the room creating incredible mind reading experiences for several people at a time. Don't be surprised if you see your guests with mouth agape over Kimberly's uncanny ability to tune into their thoughts!

At large banquet style events long buffet or bar service lines often form. In fact, any time meals are being served, some people finish eating while others tables have yet to dine. Jeff and Kimberly transform "waiting lines" into "entertainment lines," serving up laughter and applause with their mind blowing mentalism. They can even work table to table, ensuring no one hungers for a remarkable experience.

Anyone who's ever participated in a Trade Show knows you need to capture people's attention and imaginations as well as their contact information. Jeff and Kimberly will astound attendees with their uncanny ability to capture their thoughts, drawing attendees to your booth repeatedly throughout the day, putting people in a receptive frame of mind to remember and repeat your sales message.